Baking up a storm

It must be the cooler weather and that Christmas is upon us, because I have not gone a day without baking (almost) all week!  Yummy.  It’s so funny how some days it seems like a lot of work, and then others, I am just whipping things up out of thin air in minutes.  I think when  you’re in a baking mode, you just keep going and it isn’t much work.  Here are some pics of pumpkin cookies I made from the More From Magnolia cookbook. It’s the famous New York Cupcake bakery.  I love it!  And I’d LIKE it for Christmas! (that wasn’t a hint).

Nothing beets cookies and a yummy cup of french press coffee.  My favorite activity to do with my man.  Cheers!




One thought on “Baking up a storm

  1. I like all the rotton bannas sitting on your counter 🙂 I am not letting myself bake this week, I WILL get decorating and cleaning done FIRST!

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