Cane chair obsessing

I have been obsessing over cane chairs lately.  They seem to be showing up a lot in magazines.  We had some caning on some (somewhat lame) brown velvet kitchen chairs growing up, and I think it’s part nostalgia that I want some.  Anyone have some great pics of them?  I found this one:

which can be found here- bijoukaleidoscope

There’s a great pic in the new Canadian Family (winter edition) that just came to my doorstep yesterday.  Jen Reynolds (the editor) has a big spread of her newly renovated kitchen.  And it’s beautiful.  And she has two beautiful cane bar stools that I would like to steal!  They are nice.

And after arguing with my mom about whether or not I can get away with this Ikea kitchen table in my new house (with all the cleaner, traditional elements going on), I think these chairs would be hot.  But not too hot- if you know what I mean?


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