I think I need to simplify quilting

Ok, you know when you’re finally aware you’ve bitten off more than you can chew?  Well, recently I’ve realized that’s Ruby’s quilt. This is the pattern I’m using by Aardvark.

It was so cute, I was tempted and bought it on the spot.  Now, nearly a year later- I’m STILL working on/avoiding it.  Circular sewing and quilting is not for the novice!  Oh, well.  I will perservere and when I’m done I’ve decided I will treat myself to a few Moda fabric packs and sew a new quilt FAST and EASY!  Or, I will maybe win the “sweet” and “swanky” giveaway at V & Co., for the yummy honey buns!  And then I won’t have to even buy them…

Here’s hoping…  Hope your projects are coming along!


One thought on “I think I need to simplify quilting

  1. That is a cute quilt…but it does look a lot harder than I am ready to try right now! Have you got it pieced together yet? I want to try one of those fabric packs also, they look fun and easy! The four patch I did was really easy to cut and piece and it probably only took me about 1 1/2 months to put the whole thing together (keep in mind 3 kids too), unfortunately I’ve been working on the hand quilting for about a year now! The next quilt I do I wanted to try a nine patch with a few rectangles and/or triangles in the patch work, but that’s about as brave as I am feeling! And I won’t be putting an intricate hand quilting design on it! I think I’ll stick with 1/2 inch outlines of the squares-or try to machine quilt! Kuddos to you for trying something truly challenging!

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