Starting tomato seeds

Well, the time has finally come to start some seeds indoors!  According the the Calgary Horticultural Society and my crude calculations, it’s time to start tomato seeds.  I’m so excited!  I wanted to plant them all, but am restricting myself.  I have to try successive planting, so I don’t have all the tomatoes ripe at the same time! And I also know the probability of me keeping all seedlings alive is slightly lower than I’d like to admit.   I started only  one variety today, called Ardwyna Polish Paste.  The package says- “Huge, pear-shaped, meaty fruits excellent for salsa or saucing.  Great flavour, firm texture, maturing mid-season.”  Sounds good to me!  I wanted to grow lots to can this year.  I’ve never canned tomatoes, but it can’t be that hard…


This is really poor quality, but shows you this tomato variety. The brand is stellar seeds.  They are an organic and (assumably) an heirloom variety.


2 thoughts on “Starting tomato seeds

  1. Hi Michelle

    Tomatoes are the easiest thing to can. Just peel, squish into jar, seal and process in a boiling water bath for 20 minutes. Voila!! Yummy red tomatoes all ready for winter.

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