They love eachother!


When they look like this you HAVE to believe they really love eachother, right?

10 reasons why I believe my kids DO love eachother.

1. when I close the door at night, rgirl jumps into rboy’s bed and they “snuggle” and play (they think I don’t know)

2. rboy decided to feed rbaby cabbage yesterday afternoon, he’s only 7 months- much barfing ensued…

3. dancing by his older siblings makes rbaby GIGGLE!

4. rgirl had rboy down on the floor in a wrestling move this morning, with laughter coming out underneath

5. rboy claims she is “SO PRETTY!”

6. he also claims she loves him because he’s “SO HANSOME!”

7.  rgirl now has a nickname for rbaby- it’s rhysbear!

8. They like to “attack” eachother, which is encouraged by daddy

9. rgirl loves to run and “help mommy” by jamming suckies into rbaby’s mouth at any given moment

10. finally, beacause I PRAY for it everyday.  That they will grow up to love eachother. smile.


2 thoughts on “They love eachother!

  1. how sweet! reminds me of when I was little and loved play fighting with my brother and sister! Have fun with your sweet kidlets!

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