Today I’m…


*excited about the new appliances we purchased this am for the house
*avoiding mountains of laundry
*listening to rboy beg PLLLLEEEEEAAASSSSSEEE for tv
*planning to pack boxes tonight
*makin’ spaghetti for supper
*praising God for his faithfulness
*trying to be a patient mum

Love you all! What are you doing today?


3 thoughts on “Today I’m…

    • that’s funny. My mom’s getting hooked on a computer game? The world is a fast and changing place… Maybe tomorrow will bring motivation? Or will it be in 3’s- the lack of motivation days…

  1. Always seeking more patience! Trying to think of something fun to do that will keep my kids happy and not stress me out too much! Thankful that the new class for Youth Ministry at our church that I started last night went so well! (7th grade girls-Growing Up Sexually-should be great fun-seriously!) Trying not to worry/complain about the 6-10 inches of snow they are predicting for tomorrow! (Seriously-how do we go with absolutely no snow all winter, 70 and 80 degree F weather already this spring and now in the last 2 weeks we get snow-and a lot of it too-for here anyway!???!!!! And today and yesterday weather in the 60’s and tomorrow in the 20’s!!!!!!!!!) OK, I’m trying not to complain!

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