sorry I’ve been missing…

But I’m BACK!  We just spent the last 2 weeks moving/ recovering from moving.  Blah blah blah.  But it is AWESOME we’re in the new place and pics are to come shortly (just as soon as I find that darn camera…).  So here’s what I’m obsessing about lately.  SPRING!  GARDENING!  LANDSCAPING!  OUTDOOR FURNITURE!  GRASS!  FLOWERS!  need I say more?  Loving these:

from pier 1, they call them flower garden stools, but I think they would also look fabulous inside, no?

this, also from Pier 1, is cute in fresh green and ready for my SOUTHWEST exposed backyard.  HOT!

and something cool and relaxing like this to enjoy it all in!  This is a sofa/chaise from costco.  Schnazzy.

and we can’t forget some lovely flowers to top it off.

Thanks for dropping by.  Any of you have spring fever?


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