what I’ve been doin’ lately

Ok, so several of you have commented on my lack of enthusiasm for this poor blog lately.  I apologize.  But when the weather’s nice- who wants to be “working” inside, right?  Ok, so here’s what my clan has been up to lately-

IMG_5753Ryder and I headed out to the farm with preschool and had a blast!  We both really want to be farmers.  he said “hey mom, if we had a farm- you would be the farmer’s wife!” smart kid.

IMG_5756couldn’t talk about a farm without a great rooster pic.

IMG_5759I still can’t believe he didn’t freak out being this close to the cute lambies.

IMG_5779we love each other. my shades make me look so much cooler than I really am.

IMG_5784isn’t this so cute?  i put the scrambled eggs in an egg cup for the kids and they loved it! i’m so clever.  and don’t burst my bubble, sending me a link were you’ve seen this done before…

IMG_5797me and rgirl on a lovely sunday afternoon stroll with the fam

IMG_5799da boys

IMG_5801they are so lucky to have such a good daddy.  he kept taking them off the beaten path to show them different parts of the creek.

so am I forgiven?  I may try to post a little more regularly if you all send me words of love…


4 thoughts on “what I’ve been doin’ lately

  1. I agree it’s more fun to be outside, and you guys look like you’re having a good time!!! But I do so enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your pictures of your cute little kidlets!!!!

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