who’s leading this family anyways?

Ahhhh!!!  I’m screaming inside because it’s 9:06 and I still only have 2 kiddos sleeping and I still hear rbaby babbling away (at least he’s not screaming like he was a few minutes ago).  I’m exhausted from a busy day and kiddo overload.  And there are still dishes EVERYWHERE, and sheets in the washing machine and dirty footprints ALL over the kitchen and a stinky soccer uniform in the front entrance and and and… Sometimes it feels like they are running the ship here.  And Geoff and I are just along for the ride.  A crazy ride.  A grueling ride.  A ride that really tests our endurance.

So tonight I wonder, who’s leading this family anyways? At first I thought, well Geoff and I need to have a little chat and regroup.  You know, lay down the law again tomorrow- right?  And then I thought, tomorrow is Sunday, which means church… Oh yeah, there’s that Guy that we go worship at church.  What’s His name again…?  Um, GOD!  So I’m sheepishly going put my trust back in HIM tonight.  May you also put your trust back in him on this quiet(ish) Saturday evening.  Blessings.



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