mojitos and the summa’ sun

mojitosOk, I just LOVE mojitos.  Who doesn’t?  I’ll tell you who- the people who have never TRIED one!  Come on- just do it!

Miche’s mojitos

1 pretty glass (you KNOW this is the most important part- right?)

1 ounce rum (white or golden- doesn’t matter)

a few leaves of mint

a few squeezes of fresh lime juice (don’t even think of trying the bottled stuff)

a “bubbly” -club soda, or tonic or even sprite or 7-up if you’re desperate

sugar syrup if you have no sweetened “bubbly”


Mash up your mint leaves a bit in the bottom of the glass.  If you don’t have an official “muddler”, try using the end of a wooden spoon or gently use a mortar from your mortar and pestle set.  Once you’ve bruised the leaves, the flavour will be fantastic and add your rum and lime juice.  Then top up with your “bubbly”.  Garnish with a lime.  Enjoy one or two or more!

Enjoy the sunshine out in your part of the world!


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