wedding weekend

Last weekend we had a HUGE family wedding here in Calgary.  And by HUGE I mean, just a typical Mennonite wedding.  Most people consider that HUGE, we just consider it normal.  But it was a blast!  I miss you Winnipegers all already! Congrats to our dear eldest cousin, Neil and his BEAUTIFUL bride Jenn.  I ashamedly do not have a pic of the bride and groom. 😦  I guess I was too busy keeping my lil’ ring bearer out of too much trouble.  Here they are- I hope you enjoy!


my two little monkeys that daddy and all my family kept entertained PERFECTLY during the ceremonyIMG_5846

some of my lovely cousins from the ‘peg.  this was actually the first time I got to meet Josie-almost a year after she was married IN (doesn’t that make us sound like a cult or something? heehee)IMG_5842

my cousin Nick’s sweet wife, Jacqueline and I.  They stayed at our home over the weekend with their lil’ guy-Ryan.  We had such a GOOD time getting to know them better.IMG_5852

there is my ring bearer and his FAVORITE (sorry everyone else) “uncle” Darryl.  He could talk his ear off nonstop for HOURS. Darryl is a very talented finish carpenter and Ryder couldn’t adore him or his trade more.


the groomsmen in between takes


my chic Auntie Debra, Georgia the flower girl, Ryder and me!


my sweet Rubes and I just after we were “reunited” at the beginning of the reception.  She was so stressed by all the people.  She just wanted momma.  And I wanted her!  It’s so nice to get a long snuggle out of a busy toddler.


my handsome husband.  I just love this guy.  He “held-up” well, despite the heavy socializing required of him over the weekend.  he’s just great, did I say that already?


my cousin Joe and his stylish wife, Chara.  They look good with my kids, right?  I think parenthood looks like it’ll come easy to them!


here everyone is, doin’ their thing during our impromptu cousin’s gathering


my lil’ sis Ash, sweet and lovely cous Amanda (we may just be convincing her to move back out her to Cowtown), Ryder and the pretty Sabrina.


my Pam!  Ok, she’s a cous, and pretty and sweet and VERY funny and we’re only 2 weeks apart so we were pretty tight growing up.


so there you have it!  I know, my pictures are just a small capture of our HUGE weekend so not everyone’s here (sorry!) and not every event is captured.  But my heart was really full after this weekend and I thank God for all of you.  And I think everyone of us needs to thank God for our families and the relationships we share with them.  It’s so precious!


3 thoughts on “wedding weekend

  1. It was alot of fun! Ryder was such a cute ringbearer. I made it into one photo, just doing what I always do…. drink coffee!

  2. I couldn’t agree more Michelle!! I had a great weekend too and am so thankful for such an AWESOME family! Love Amanda

  3. I agree Michelle, it was a GREAT wedding! and it was so nice to spend time with most of our wonderful family. Thanks for having us all at your house. it was nice to see your new place.
    Great Pictures!

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