so cute cloth kleenex

I think this is the cutest idea for hankies ever!  I’ve been contemplating trying to get rid of kleenex in the house and this just might be what finally gets me there!  I found this post on simple,green,frugle co-op, which I read often.  The lady herself has a blog here.  Fun!


2 thoughts on “so cute cloth kleenex

  1. Oh my, I went and read the whole article on the frugal site and I was (to put it mildly) a little grossed out. To go back to washing snot out of hankies? Never mind the reusable sanitary supplies. Way back in the dark ages(lol) when I started needing sanitary stuff, my mom tried to get me to use reusable cloth things. Well, I used them for the first and only time. When I was told I wwould have to wash them I said, no way, threw them all in the garbage and used my hard earned babysitting money and bought paper ones. The cloth diapers I did for my firstborn. My neighbor and I had babies at the same time and it became a sort of race to see who would get their diapers on the line first. Sometimes I cheated and washed the diapers the night before and hung them on the line as soon as baby woke me up at 6AM. But again, once I had 2 babies in diapers that chore became too time consuming and out came the Luvs. I can see the reasoning for all these non disposables, but if we are going to go backwards and make our household chores more time consuming then we also have to go back and revisit the time when mothers stayed home to raise their children and had more time to wash and make all these non disposables. As for me, pass the kleenex, please and thank you.

  2. Wow, Aunty Mary this is the funniest response I’ve ever had! You are hilarious! LOVE IT! I might just have to make you some and send them! You don’t have to touch the snot… I’ve dabbled in cloth diapering with all 3 of my kids. I love the idea of saving diapers out of a landfill and cutting down on paper usage, but it is more work! And poop is gross at the best of times (when it cleanly finds it’s way into the toilet from potty-trained individuals), so interacting with it to the degree required of cloth-diapering=not so fun.

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