rhonda’s gone


my dear cousin rhonda is gone.  I’m a little blue.  this is her super stylin’ yellow bag she carried all week.

I should’ve figured out how to snag it and convince her she just LOST it…


these were cloth napkins we sewed matching sets for ourselves.  I’m not sure how Geoff will feel about wiping his mouth on pink cupcakes.  But I love them and of course Ruby loves them!


some pretty skirts we just WHIPPED up one evening for our 3 girls.

(left to right) Sadie’s, Olivia’s, Ruby’s


and of course there were A LOT of treats.  When women get together, when AREN’T there treats?  This is some YUMMY blueberry cheesecake that we stole from my broken-armed husband (more on that later), given to him by his loving mother.  She makes the BEST blueberry cheesecake.  Maybe I’ll have to get the recipe and share it here with all of you.

anyways, I love and miss you rhonda!  hope you’re having a great weekend everyone!


3 thoughts on “rhonda’s gone

  1. Yes you do need to share that BLUEBERRY cheesecake recipe! And yes, I can hardly wait to see Ruby in that adorable skirt! By the way, did I mention I need new napkins?

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