I love girls.  Really.  I LOVE being a girl.  Do you ever picture life as a guy?  Sometimes I do and I think it would suck.  Seriously!  It just doesn’t seem that FUN.  What is especially fun now having a girl of my own, is viewing the world all over again as a little girl.  The self-discovery of being a girl that comes when you are 2 and a half.  Yesterday I took the Rubester to a HUGE new mall grand-opening with my mom and sisters.  Shopping is in her genes!  At one point my mom exclaimed “look at that cute pink jacket”, Ruby’s head swung around and she immediately started gingerly caressing the (toddler) manequin’s bright pink jacket.  We all laughed at her appreciation for the stylish.   She spent the whole evening clutching the TWO purses that she insisted on bringing.  And declared she wanted PINK ice cream!

So here’s a CHEERS to girls everywhere!  For our love of the fun, the beautiful, the soft, the sweet, the delicate and the PINK!


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