no spending days


I have been amazed at how much money I’ve been spending these days.  I think everyone does during back-to-school days. But good grief!  I have not gone a day without spending SOMETHING for way too long.  I read about some frugal bloggers commiting to NO SPENDING DAYS a few months back and tried it like TWICE before crossing it off my list.  So here goes again, today will be my NO SPENDING DAY.  Pray for me!  Any ideas out there?  I’m going to try to stay home(mostly) -maybe a trip to the park.  Good thing I started soaking some dried chickpeas 2 days ago and started cooking them this morning.  I’ll make Geoff my “famous” roasted red pepper hummus. I’ll post the recipe after it’s done.  Anyone out there willing to join me?


5 thoughts on “no spending days

  1. I had a spend nothing day on Monday! It was highly satisfying! When I was in university, they would promote this idea a couple of time a year. i wish I could remember some of their suggestions to make it a more regular occurence.

    • hmmm. Heidi, you will have to give us some tips! Thanks for commenting- I feel like we know eachother because rhonda talks about you and your projects so much! You would make a great friend indeed!

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