school start and birthday boy

Well we sure had a busy first week of September!  Ryder started school Monday and we BOTH had so much fun going to school.  (I was the mom doing the happy dance outside the school).  He did very well and we’ll see what the kindergarten teacher has to say about him next week in parent/teacher interviews.


the night before we packed all the goodies up in his new cool FIRE RESCUE backpack


standing outside the school before going in


I found my nametag!


oh, and a quick note to say the tomatoes are doing VERY well indeed.  They would’ve been perfect if not for my (somewhat) irregular watering habits.


and here’s the birthday boy with his grandma giving him a little birthday airplane ride.  (nice pipes mom!)


isn’t this one sweet with his auntie Brittany?


and the classic birthday cake photo.  He doesn’t look so impressed here, but believe me- he caught on to ICE CREAM very quickly.  What a boy!


4 thoughts on “school start and birthday boy

  1. Wow! I can’t believe Rhys is one!! And Ryder is going to Kindergarten! That is so exciting, he looks so cute and happy to go to school. I’m sure his teacher will LOVE him! I know I would if he were in my class!

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