on being a lady


Have you recently been confronted with the awkward situation of being greeted with a fist bump?  This is how mine went- I meet a young man I used to know through my old youth group. We chat for awhile and then I politely excuse myself to the car. He says something like “catcha later” and holds out his fist for me. I panic, then awkwardly bring my fist out, hesitate and then I just went for it. I am mortified! I embarrassingly look around, did anyone see me do it? Then I realize he FORCED ME to do it! I am NOT a fist-bumping kinda girl! I would’ve happily shook his hand and been on my merry way. Even an awkward side hug would’ve been preferable.

Recently my husband has been trying to trip-me-up by giving him a fist-bump. You see he is very much “in the know” with youngins’.  I tend to age myself with my prissiness, while he has always been very young at heart.  It’s great and makes life fun and exciting when you’re with him.   We argued about it for awhile.  My argument was I’m a LADY.  Ladies don’t fist bump.  I might have even compared myself to Jackie Kennedy (sometimes my head can get a bit inflated).  Well, after the American election last year, do you know what Geoff came running to me reporting?  No, it wasn’t anything about politics.  It was that Michelle Obama had FIST BUMPED her husband.  I wanted to run under the covers and hide.  Seriously?  I LOVE Michelle Obama.  And guess who she’s been compared to???  Ok, you already knew that.  Well, I’m eating humble pie now.  And she has definitely gone up in my husband’s books.  So, being the cool, trendy AND proper lady that I am- I have been trying to embrace this side of myself.  And now, every so often, Geoff gets a wife who might just bump him back.

Michelle giving her boo a pound


One thought on “on being a lady

  1. Okay, I know how you feel. I’m sorta that way with the whole high 5 thing. Now you can call me out of touch. But when helping in Promise Land, some say to get the kids to give you 5. It just is not me!

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