Another quiet moment

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I had another quiet afternoon yesterday.  I am a lucky lady this week.  This time I took a whole 2 hours and indulged in reading a great book, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.  It is a FABULOUS read.  I’ve enjoyed another of his books before, Tipping Point- again fabulous.  He has excellent research that he pours over through every page.  I love using my brain during these years at home with the kiddies.  I find the way I cope with the long hours logged changing bums/ scrubbing messes/ cleaning up the same toys for the bazzillionth time/ cooking the 5000th meal of my chosen career….is to think about something stimulating and entirely different than my current reality.  So right now it’s about Outliers and successful people and how they did it.  Fun!  Maybe some of this thinking about success will actually rub off on me and I will be the next Martha Stewart.  Get ready!


One thought on “Another quiet moment

  1. So funny that this is the book. James called me this morning to tell me that someone had given him Tipping Point, so looks like we’ll be reading the same book list.
    If you have some time in between cleaning/changing/scrubbing/reading… I’d love to get together for a coffee! Talk soon.

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