Pushing past your decorating comfort zone

I’ve been thinking a lot about making myself uncomfortable in decorating.  It started from a statement by some designer about preventing your room from being an ode to a certain era by restricting furniture and accents from that era.  I started mentally calculating all the teak pieces I own from the 60’s and possible 70’s and I started to worry.  I’ve been living without a coffee table for some time, often keeping an eye out for some teak beauty.  But the realization of how boring that would look dawned on me.  It is brilliant advice.  So I’ve pushed my limits a bit and bought 2 metal round end tables from Winners.  They are extremely practical, being round and can go just about anywhere.  With metal, I am free from worrying about spills and scratches.

image by tasha jean photography

I also bought a curvy turquoise side table that was a bit more formal than I would normally go for.  But, it contrasts beautifully with the gold chairs and I love it.

image by tasha jean photography

And now when I look at the living room overall, I’m really happy with the balance of old and new.  I’m never going to give up some of those teak beauties- but they are broken up by other pieces.

image by tasha jean photography

image by tasha jean photography

Isn’t she still pretty after all these years?  You’d never know she was rescued from my in-law’s garage.  There were paint cans and tools sitting on top of her!  Oh, the horrors.


One thought on “Pushing past your decorating comfort zone

  1. I love those metal tables. I love metal everything but… they are going to be so versatile. Some day I would bet they will grace the sides of a guest bedroom… in the future…
    Romance Designer

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