Upholstered Valances, if you will

Upholstered valances are still one of my favorite window treatments.  Some people call them pelmets, I like upholstered valances.  I think drapery fashion (cuz that’s what it is!) is so fun again after hitting a rough patch in the late 90’s and turn-of-the-millenium with just boring ol’ brown curtains.  I guess it’s following fashion and everything colourful, girly, fun and generally late 80’s is hot.

What I’m REALLY tired of seeing-



What is REALLY fun-


source unknown

What I built for my son’s room-


image by tasha jean photography

This was a fun project that I had been wanting to do for a long time.  I used ready-made panels from Home Depot.


I built the valance out of pine shelving from the Home Depot as well.  I had them cut it to size and my sweet hubby and I spent an evening screwing it together with L-brackets.  I then covered it with quilt batting and then used a 3rd panel to cover it.  Fun.  And not as much work as I had anticipated.

Next week I plan to post about the relaxed roman shade I created in the dining room.  Happy weekend!


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