Thrifting for brass

I’ve taken up thrift store shopping with vengeance again.  It is so easy here in the Okanagan. There are many thrift stores and all really close to where I live.  Lately I’ve been on the look out for cool brass accessories.  


A few months ago I found this very retro brass hair-pin stool. I love it so much!  I thought it would look great re-covered, but I cannot part with the cutesy floral.  It reminds me of my grandma and how pretty life was back in the 60’s.  We need more florals again people! I’d like to fix up the brass on the legs and was wondering how I might do this.  Any suggestions?  


This baby called to me yesterday at the Salvation Army and it came home to stay.  It looks like a former planter.  So maybe I’ll show you next week with some great houseplant inside?


Happy thrifting!


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