Quilchena Farmhouse

We recently moved into a new home and I’ve yet to share any fun updates from it. First I’ll give you a bit of background. It’s in a new period neighbourhood in Kelowna. Our home is one of the older ones, build in 1998 and made to look like an old farmhouse. So I’m trying carefully to be true to it’s heritage-like bones but in a fresh way that’s right for our family and my sense of style. The word Quilchena means “flat place near the water” in the First Nations language. Our neighbourhood is just that. Our front porch protrudes on the yard to take advantage of the little lake view from the front of the house. And of course we are on Quilchena Drive.


So the first project we’ve been tackling is painting the house. And I’ve been doing all of that so far. Here’s a before shot when we viewed the house-

423 Quilchena Drive - Terry Compton-131

And here is the after with our furniture and the new colour. A welcome relief! It’s Benjamin Moor’s Titanium.  The trim is really creamy and we plan on changing it to a crisp white.  I think that will be sharp.



So I’ll plan to share some updates as we carry on painting.  Thanks for taking a look!


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