Working on Curb Appeal

We are having company tonight.  No other sentence in the english language gets me moving faster than that one.  Probably that’s true for most of us?  So instead of tidying up inside, vacuuming floors, and baking a dessert (there’s still time!), I’ve spent my morning rearranging my front porch and improving my curb appeal.  I mean, first impressions are the most important right?  I want people to get excited about what they are going to see inside!  So I just pulled a few pieces from the back deck and tidied everything up a bit.

I removed our old house numbers, which you couldn’t see from the street anyway, and just threw up a few paper numbers I whipped off on my cricut.  I know- they’ll be toast in a few weeks/months.  But they get the job done today!

Image 3



What do you think?  I want to paint the door this month.  Before everything gets too cold!  I was leaning towards a dark peacock or teal.  But I’m really loving Hunter Green again so much.  Is anybody else feeling that?  It’s like the new shade of this year’s hottest colour- Emerald.  But as it turns cooler I’m loving everything dark and moody and hunter green is just so gorgeous again!


And a cozy little spot to sip coffee and enjoy the view.  I am keenly aware that I’m doing everything very symmetrically.  Good?  Maybe I could push myself to try something a little of balance.  Maybe next time!

Image 2


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