Working on my office

The front den/ office in our home is one of the first rooms you see from the front door.  I want it to really make a statement and get our guests excited about what the rest of the house will look like.  Right now we’ve been using Ikea office furniture and my eyes have been sore for a long time.  I want to avoid using traditional office furniture and use real home furniture to make it feel more like a living space.

Here is where we started when we moved in-

423 Quilchena Drive - Terry Compton-129 copy

And here is what it’s been looking like lately.  We’ve painted it Benjamin Moore’s Metropolis.


My inspiration board is now bringing this room into the style of the house I’m creating.  More sophisticated yet casual country home.


My project over the next week involves painting this new-to-me dining table to use as the central office table.  I am going for a glossy black paint finish.  Wish me luck!



Christmas Class details

holiday_planter_final_nov_04 copy

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Barb Neuman from The Pink Bee Company and I have partnered to offer these 4 evening classes teaching you the how-to’s of Christmas greenery.  I’ve been playing with Christmas greenery for several years myself and have always thought it would be so fun to get a bunch of ladies together and have a fun and festive evening celebrating and working together.  Just think of what a great girls night this could make with a friend!  I know some of mine may be there…

We suggest that you don’t wear your best clothes, as it can be a little messy, bring a pair of pruning shears and gardening gloves.  We’ll get to work in my basement with some Christmas tunes pumping and warm drinks and holiday cheer to keep you going.

Outdoor Greenery Planter Class $65-  Tues, Nov 26 or Thurs, Nov 28 from 7 – 9 pm

Come learn how to make your own Outdoor Greenery planter. We supply everything you need for a basic planter and you can add your touches to make it your own. Choose from fresh cut cedar, pine and fir, as well as grape vines and branches all set into oasis to keep your greens looking fresh.

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Please call or e-mail for more details Michelle @250-864-3178

Christmas Table Top Greenery Class $65-  Tues, Dec 3 or Thurs, Dec 5  from 7 – 9 pm

Come join us fro 7 – 9 pm and go home with a lovely greenery table top centrepiece. Bring you pruning sheers, gardening gloves, and wear your old clothes (greenery can be sappy!)

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Please call or e-mail for more details Michelle @250-864-3178

winter-pots-refined 2Christmasplanter

table top 2

Working on Curb Appeal

We are having company tonight.  No other sentence in the english language gets me moving faster than that one.  Probably that’s true for most of us?  So instead of tidying up inside, vacuuming floors, and baking a dessert (there’s still time!), I’ve spent my morning rearranging my front porch and improving my curb appeal.  I mean, first impressions are the most important right?  I want people to get excited about what they are going to see inside!  So I just pulled a few pieces from the back deck and tidied everything up a bit.

I removed our old house numbers, which you couldn’t see from the street anyway, and just threw up a few paper numbers I whipped off on my cricut.  I know- they’ll be toast in a few weeks/months.  But they get the job done today!

Image 3



What do you think?  I want to paint the door this month.  Before everything gets too cold!  I was leaning towards a dark peacock or teal.  But I’m really loving Hunter Green again so much.  Is anybody else feeling that?  It’s like the new shade of this year’s hottest colour- Emerald.  But as it turns cooler I’m loving everything dark and moody and hunter green is just so gorgeous again!


And a cozy little spot to sip coffee and enjoy the view.  I am keenly aware that I’m doing everything very symmetrically.  Good?  Maybe I could push myself to try something a little of balance.  Maybe next time!

Image 2

no spending days


I have been amazed at how much money I’ve been spending these days.  I think everyone does during back-to-school days. But good grief!  I have not gone a day without spending SOMETHING for way too long.  I read about some frugal bloggers commiting to NO SPENDING DAYS a few months back and tried it like TWICE before crossing it off my list.  So here goes again, today will be my NO SPENDING DAY.  Pray for me!  Any ideas out there?  I’m going to try to stay home(mostly) -maybe a trip to the park.  Good thing I started soaking some dried chickpeas 2 days ago and started cooking them this morning.  I’ll make Geoff my “famous” roasted red pepper hummus. I’ll post the recipe after it’s done.  Anyone out there willing to join me?

Baking #4 cookies

img_4523Well we are still celebrating Ryder’s 4th birthday it appears.  Today is the November birthday celebration at preschool.  I thought it would be brilliant to bring Grandma F’s famous birthday # cookies.  She’s so sweet, always remembers to bake them for us on our birthday.  But apparently it’s a lot harder than it looks.  They are not turning out as spectacular as they should.  Oh well, what else is new in my baking endeavors?  I should be banned from baking and stationed as only a cook!  Well, I’ll post some pics later that show the final decor.  For now, at the cutting stage everything looks good, eh?

Happy birthday to Ryder (again)!

Winter is here.

img_0971We finally had snow today.  I almost never wish for snow, being a Canadian.  But we’ve been missing it and it’s already mid November.  I haven’t taken any pics of the kids out playing in their gear yet.  But I found this one of Ryder from 2 years ago.  He’s so sweet.  I hope this snow puts me in Christmas spirit this week.  I think it may be time to decorate.  I saw the first Christmas tree of the year, all lit up a block over from us.  I love the excitement it brings!  Today I contemplated what it means to have “enough”, after a great Sunday sermon at church.  I will not get carried away by the Christmas marketing.  I will be happy with having enough this Christmas.

A few simple treats to bake.

A few simple gifts to buy.

A few simple crafts to make.